I Wear Shoes in the House

I wear shoes every day. Even though the shoes do not go outside.

My parents always wore shoes in the house. They owned their own business and worked from home most of my life. I used to think it was embarrassing. I always had to remove my shoes in the house when visiting friends. When my family had visitors, my parents would insist they leave their shoes on. Now I get it.

I wear shoes every day. All day. 

worn-in, polka dot walking shoes

But not my worn-in, polka-dot walking shoes. Those shoes are reserved for outdoor adventures with Yago. Those shoes trigger tail wags and hopeful eyes. Those shoes would be a distraction if worn indoors for longer than the time it takes to put a harness and leash on a wiggling, joy-filled pup.

I wear shoes every day. In the house.

Not slippers. Because shoes do not go with pajamas. Shoes are a cue to the body, mind, and spirit that it is time for business. And the business of teaching is currently happening from the comfort of home.

gold shoes

I wear shoes every day. No matter what.

Because putting shoes on completes an outfit. There are no loose ends left hanging. One thing feels finished, and I am free to move forward to the next. 

I wear shoes every day. 

It almost feels normal. It almost feels like the natural order of things to wear shoes in the house like my parents always did. It almost feels like I am supposed to be living this routine. Almost. 

white shoes

I wear shoes every day. Even though.

Because a day with red shoes is better than a day without.

red shoes

6 thoughts on “I Wear Shoes in the House

  1. I felt this way all through the summer about jewelry, especially big earrings. I immediately felt more like my normal self when I put them on. I loved reading this!


  2. I go barefoot more often than not these days, with retirement and staying home. I relish the freedom of not wearing shoes. Barefoot seems like rebellion. But I like 👞 👟 👠 and perhaps I will need to rethink my need of shoes! While I enjoyed your shoe parade, seeing Yago was pure delight.


  3. So fun to read!

    Where I’m from, we take our shoes off in houses. But when I went to school in Boston, way back when, I noticed the Americans I connected with wore their shoes everywhere. (I married an American.) It’s interesting how we have different practices depending where we live…or sometimes we just do our own thing! 🙂


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